Black Diamond Browser:

Mozilla Firebird Black Diamond Edition comes in a self extraction 7zip

Click Here to Download 4.45MB (7-zip EXE Installer)

You need a clean profile if you ever installed Phoenix, Firebird, or Firefox if not you can skip this step:

To create a new profile you first need to create a shortcut.
1. Go to the directory that you installed Firefox BD Edition
2. Right click on "firefox.exe" and click create shortcut
3. Now right click on the "Shortcut to firefox.exe" and click properties
4. Now in the target dialog box just add a -P after the apostrophe example:
"C:\Program Files\FirefoxBD\firefox.exe" -P
5. Click ok and double click your shortcut
6. Then follow the simple profile creation wizard

The blackdiamond project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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